Sitting, with Uncomfortable Feelings

by Kimberley MacGregor

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Hard Day 02:56
Woke up to a melt-down and I felt down, all-around my mind all caught up in a loop of negative feedback under all of the straws that broke this camels back it almost seems without a cause, like some kinda train-wreck Sometimes it just comes out feel like I wanna cry feel like I wanna shout I usually try to handle it inside, not out It's just a hard day it isn't always this way try not to be depressed try to get some rest try to do some work on these hard days, hard day It's just the time of year, plus givin' myself the gears my time of month is here and I wanna disappear but I gotta pay the bills, I gotta take out the trash and these dishes won't do themselves and I'm almost out of cash, I guess I better find some fast, oh well It's just a hard day (I feel that I keep failing) It isn't always this way (I'm tired of complaining) try not to be depressed try to get some rest try to do some work on these hard days, hard day Take your vitamin D, get some exercise A few attempts to meet a friend and a few attempts to go outside, go outside
Ill Fitted 03:19
You’re like an ill-fitted garment No matter how much I alter it It never really did fit And the cost was never worth it I don’t wanna try you on, I can see that the cut is all wrong So tired of wearing things that don’t belong Cause I never cared to shop around And I find what I need is what I’ve found Too many layers, they just weigh me down So I travel light, cover greater ground What I wear has been worn in, in all the right ways And it’s been my armour for so, so, so many days I’m afraid I’m so frayed that I’ve got holes in my knees So forgive me if I don’t seem too eager to please
You can think of how I can by Once in a lifetime You made my cry when you said goodbye Once in a lifetime, it passed by But I picked myself up off the floor Feel so much better than I did before Feel so much better than I did with you Love can make me such a fool Chorus: But I promise you it’s over, I promise you it’s over And I ain’t gonna turn or run back for cover (ooh ooh) I see what you’ve got, had me runnin hot But could not disguise the pain that I felt inside With you paradise was pain With you logic was insane Twice in a lifetime, must’ve lost my mind Still I wish you well, in the way nice people wish other people well Yeah, I wish you well, In a stay the hell far away from me kinda way, yeah I wish you well, but I don’t want to know anything so if you know, don’t tell me I wish you well, I wish you well So now you can think, think about how I came by Twice in a lifetime, twice in lifetime Made me cry, when you said goodbye Just forgave myself for letting you inside
Sitting, with uncomfortable feelings Got me staring at the ceiling Though I know it’s gonna be alright Sitting, waiting for your decision If you’re pulling out that rug again Not going down that road again with you Cause you’re acting like a child Needs your eyes opened wide Shouldn’t be surprised to find That your own load is yours to carry I know sometimes it’s scary And I want you to be well But it’s time to tell you all about the real world, Girl you got some things to learn (chorus) I’m caught up in my fear and It filters what I hear Makes me want to disappear But why do I feel so strongly? What if I’m thinking wrongly? I only wanted to be kind Leave something good behind me But my understanding is limited So tell me, who am I trying to kid?
Runnin' 04:23
I can see you just tryin to get by You've been so lonely, lonely, no one by your side Scheduling distraction to occupy your mind Spread yourself half an inch deep, a mile wide Chorus: (You've been) runnin, runnin, runnin, runnin ( x4 ) Saw me afar as if from heaven above So you put the effort in and told me that it was love Second time I let you in, you told me that I was the one So I opened up my heart and you dove right in We were gonna share our future and our home and our kin But we are who we are and you have always been... (chorus) You made split decisions when you cast me aside Now I've decided not to let you decide That’s why I told you to leave me be Cause you hurt me once – shame on you But you hurt me twice, now that’s shame on me too And I’m not gonna make it three That’s why you’ll find me... (chorus)
Longing 04:37
Babe you got me thinkin bout the plans that I made And I didn’t expect to be thinkin this way To be thinkin of you and the things that you do But I find myself distracted thinkin of all the things we could do And the moment feels so good, But I don’t know if we should And I don’t want to regret it, maybe we should just forget it It feels so good when you’re holding me tight Got me wonderin if you should stay the night So many things that I don’t know, but right now I want you so If things do go south this one doesn’t just go away And although I want you now, doesn’t mean I want you to stay Is that okay? To just give in, to be human, Or am I foolin’ myself again My head keeps tellin me this isn’t meant to be But I really like talking to you, and my body has more to say than I do So we could just waste time, it could be sublime But how can I go down that road when I know that there isn’t much further for us to go I hate to make a mistake when hearts are at stake Well I just gotta let you know
Confidence shot Acutely aware of all that I am not Seems to me, the critic has a lot to say I’m a sham, a show, a joke Made up of mirrors and smoke Invisibility darkens my door I don’t think I belong here I don’t think I belong here I don’t think I belong, no not at all I imagine that everyone is thinking ‘who is she? And why is she taking up so much space?’ Won’t somebody come see about me? Won’t somebody come see about me? Won’t somebody come see about me? And all the sharks have been circling Ever since my bloodletting But I cannot feel them, all I can feel is my wound
Fill My Cup 03:12
You fill – you fill my cup up Even when I’m on the ground, you always lift my chin up You fill – you fill my cup up And I think it’s gonna spill, you fill me up with so much love Pretty as a penny, she tells it like it is Calls me to my highest, cause she’s the best that there is She taught me how to love, and she taught me to have fun So I hatched myself a plan to make her my #1 (chorus) Loveliest of Walkers, she walked into my heart She's my all-weather lover, from whom I’ll never be apart My blue-eyed twin, sister to my soul She gives and gives good, a love that keeps me whole (chorus) Bridge: Mother and a lover, a sister and a friend She's always there to listen and her thoughtfulness knows no end I love her in the summer and I love her in the fall No matter what the weather I love her most of all Na na na Nanise, Na na na na na Nanise, Na na na na Nanise, Na na na na Nanise (Chorus)
I Liked You 03:35
Of everyone who wants to be with me you seem to want it the lease why prioritize when you're so indecisive? hanging on a line simply because I liked you And I tried to let go of expectations cause he's such a treat when I get to taste him but it's like standing with my back toward traffic cause tonight I can see that he's too drunk to fuck and in the morning he will be too hungover And every time I want to call you or reach out see how you're doing instead I write a love letter to someone that I have never met cause I am finished waiting around at home and wondering if you've lost your interest or your phone My heart is obsessively insistent on the greater than the good one of those lessons I forgot I know is I can love and I can let go Of everyone who wants to be with me you seem to want it the lease why prioritize when you're so indecisive? hanging on a line simply because I liked you
Almost There 05:10
My head aches Almost as if being birthed but that doesn’t mean that anything is wrong Indeed it means that everything is perfectly right The bow breaks, shit. I've never done this before Just pick myself up off the floor and say I’ve learned a lesson more Is it fate? Or does fate rearrange? Does fate take into account how I can be so strange I can believe it, I can almost see it I’m on fire, thank you for noticing It's fast approaching on the horizon I can see it with my own eyes again And if I’m gasping for air, that just means I’m almost there I’m okay, though sometimes I don’t feel that way Just gotta listen to what my body has to say I can sit, I can be silent for a bit I can breathe, relax my mind, and be surprised by what I find (cause)


Edmonton's Kimberley MacGregor presents her third full-length album, for digital release on February 5th, 2021.
'Sitting, with Uncomfortable Feelings' includes 10 new singles, 3 B-sides for later release, and an accompanying film set by Heather Hatch.


released February 5, 2021

Performed by Kimberley MacGregor (Guitar, vox)
and The Right Band:

Nathan Burns - slide
Melissa Walker - bass
Kevin Brereton - drums, vox
Lindsay Pratt - vox
*additional percussion by Jeff Kynoch

Producer - Brandy Zdan
Engineer - Emily Bachynski
Mix - Jeff Kynoch
Master - Philip Shaw Bova

Album art - AJA Louden
Album Design - Kendel Vreeling
Recorded at Edmontone and Bitter North Studio


all rights reserved



Kimberley MacGregor Edmonton, Alberta
Kimberley lovingly crafts and passionately performs songs that will move your heart, change your mind and stomp your feet. Weaving seamlessly between blues, folk and rock, her common threads are strength, vulnerability and badassery, always sizzling with soul. ... more

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