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released March 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Kimberley MacGregor Edmonton, Alberta
Kimberley MacGregor is an Edmonton, Alberta-based singer-songwriter who believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that whiskey is a health tonic. She lovingly crafts and passionately performs songs that will move your heart, change your mind, and stomp your feet. Her voice and energy will change how you experience modern music. ... more

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Track Name: Fairweather Lover
Fairweather Lover

Farewell my fairweather lover
you loved me up 
but you left me down
now you're workin' on another
and you're makin' your way all over town

You promised me
you'd never leave
you waited your whole life for me
but I got sick
and you got scarce 
like you wouldn't believe

Farewell my fairweather lover
you loved me up 
but you left me down
now you're workin' on another
and you're makin' your way all over town

You may be hopin'
that I'll get better
before you go and settle down
but I am gonna find me another
for better things I'm bound

Farewell my fairweather lover
you loved me up 
but you left me down
now you're workin' on another
and you're makin' your way all over town

Someone kind
Stay by my side
and if I fall apart
arms open wide
to hold me tight
make everything alright
until the days again are bright

Farewell my fairweather lover
you loved me up 
but you left me down
but I just started feelin'  so much better
and I'm makin' my way all over town
Track Name: Kimberley MacGregor featuring Tzadeka - Hope Displaced
Hope Displaced

A life unravelling through the sands of time 
slipping away
no longer youth
no longer the luxury of untruth
Time was on my side
now time is sneakily stacking up against me
a kick to the butt
youth is beauty but no guts
beauty runs away like time
and my hair turns grey

I still don't know where I'm going
I've tried to forget where I've been 
and most of all I've tried to forget him
The him the I've never seen
The him that Disney promised me in the 80's

Instead I get old
pancake tits, rolls that fold
happily never happened 
and the beast turned out to be a beast
Stories unfold for the lies that ran cold
and you ran rampant 
until you ran away

Hope displaced, Heart sick
too sharp to settle
roots flailing to the breeze
survival of the you figure out what fits
whatever you convince yourself to believe (x2)

And it will work
cause the only thing that does is
what you believe
and as you pursue you'll still find that it's true
That the truth is only what you believe
Track Name: Cheatin' on my Heart
Cheatin' on my Heart

You've been cheatin' on my heart
but that's okay  

You've been pleading for a new start
and promising me your heart
you say what you do
even though you know it ain't fair
only lookin' for a stroke 
your ego stuck and busted broke
you're messing up yourself and you're fucking with me

you're cheating on my heart
but thats okay

well you had me for a second there
convinced me that you really care
I thought  I saw it in your eyes
but they were only telling lies
you think it's gonna be some fun
think you're foolin' everyone
but in the end and until then
the joke is on you

you're cheating on my heart
but thats okay

cause you might be makin' time
on someone else's dime
you don't care as long as you
get your supply
you're cheating on my heart
and you think you're so smart
but you're messing up so far
and you're tearing us apart

you're cheating on my heart
but thats okay
Track Name: Nothin' at All
Nothin’ at All

I’m feeling complacent
How do you shake the feeling
When you can’t care x2
I just want be
Full of joy and peace
And all of those other things
That I’m supposed to be
I’m tired and I’m discouraged
I’m feeling run down
Tired of trying to be what I should be
But what I never ever am
And I’m really tired of making apologies
For my honest to goodness feelings
For the thoughts I’d rather banish
For ghosts that haunt my head
Thinkin’ maybe I’d be better off dead

And no that’s not what I meant
No, no that’s not what I meant
I said no that’s what I meant
I never meant nothing
Never meant nothin’ at all

I’m feeling displacement
Alone though I know
All these people around me
But these people never found me
And I guess I never found them either
Cause we both had to be there
And I haven’t been there in ages
No I haven’t been there in ages
I just feel angry
I just want to be alone
I don’t wanna see nobody
I just stay at home
And I really lack for nothing
I know this problem is my own
But I’m really tired of trying no, I just want to be alone

And no that’s not what I meant…
Track Name: Wrong Way
Wrong Way

Spent a lot of years doing as you should
Trying to be responsible and trying to be good
A lot of nights spent in
A lot of thick turned thin
But you made your way when there was a way to be made
Always your love was true
Never did to no one as you wouldn’t want to you
But the years and the tears took their toll on you
Alone- although you made your home

So things didn’t turn out like you planned
Took more than you thought you’d stand
Life resemblant reprimand did not turn out like planned
So you work and you save all your youth away
With just enough to show to keep you stuck in tow
The rewards are few and far
Far too far between; you begin to wonder why
You work so hard to find life just pass you by
When you’re doing what you should

But there wasn’t anybody there to say
You’re headed in the wrong way, the wrong way
No there wasn’t anyone to say
You’re headed in the wrong way, the wrong way
Track Name: No Lover
No Lover

Made me feel so fine for a time
but he was the lyin' cheatin' kind
he broke my bed and he robbed me blind
but he was no lover, no lover of mine

Now I know there's no use in tryin'
Cause I'm all done 
I'm all done with cryin'
He took my heart and he took my mind
but he was no lover
no lover of mine

I ran away
I ran like hell
I almost ran myself into the ground
A woman so fine won't come by again
but you won't, no you won't
you won't forget

Cause you lie and you lie 
you lie like a snake
leaving devastation in your wake
but it's over now so don't make no mistake
you were no lover, no lover of mine
Track Name: True

Well I loved you quickly and I loved you strong
When it was right and even when you were wrong
Never could say that love has gone away
Only that I need to be alone

All that I'm wanting is for you to be true
Even though I know I oughta be through with you
There's gotta be better things that I can do
Than to keep on playing this fool for you

I couldn't quite figure why you'd hang around
After slagging my name all over this town
Wouldn't you be better then to leave me be
If I was everything you've said of me

Cause if the things that you said are true
Then that would mean the crazy one is you
How many days can I walk away
Before you finally leave me be


Now that the dust settled on the ground
I can see more clearly to what this did amount
You bring me grief when you come around
And then just the missing when you're gone
I can't take the missing when you're gone

Track Name: Brown Handed

I know you don’t think I ‘m talking bout you
But I’ve seen all the nasty things that you do
Like how you put down your own friend
You’re a bully and you know that’s not the end
Cause you know that you go and you
Rally up your troops
And if you ask me well I’ll tell ya that you’re no good
You’re no Good

You even kick your best friend
When she’s down
Then you go and you run her right outta town
So tell me how does this make you strong?
Cause in my mind it only makes you wrong
And you can give it, give it, give it
But you’ll never get it back from me
There’s some things I can’t get past in our history

Because I don’t like you
Don’t like the things that you do
Something you didn’t understand
You throw all that shit around
Look down
Cause it’s all over, yes it’s all over your hands
Track Name: Certainly

Certainly, that was the last time for you and me

You stir up my feelings just to put me down again
You play me, disarray me, and you leave me here in pain
And I’m left alone with my grief
With my grief as my reward
For giving in to my own sin
To my blunt disbelief

Certainly, that was the last time for you and me

I wanna be the only one or no one at all to you
Can’t take the games or the lies you say
So tell me something true
If the kindness that I’ve shown just didn’t
Get through to you
Do you love me, do you love me not
Oh tell me we are through

Certainly, that was the last time for you and me

And no I don’t need you to tell me
What my instincts already know
About the company you’re keeping or the places that you go
Or what you left behind to get there and how it grieves your soul
A door that never closed or opened
Made a heart run cold

Certainly, that was the last time for you and me
Track Name: I Wish
I wish

I wish I could write it all out
I would stay up all night
I would write it all right
every pain every fear every doubt

I wish I could sing it away
I would sing til I was hoarse 
I would sing with such force
I'd be singin' the whole live long day

But you can't bleed your soul 
it gets out of control
and hearts seem to break
with every mistake that I make

Now I'm tired I'm lonely and I'm blue
and I can't even admit that I've been thinking of you...

I wish I could cut myself free
out of my cocoon with teeth
push me out of my rut
and you're liable to get cut
there's only room here for me

I wish I weren't so hard on myself
I wish I was easier on me
I could get there someday
if I just got out of my way
I can't even imagine where I'd be

Just another lost soul
drifting out of control
really nothing much here to see
Just another lone girl
Making my way in the world
wondering what I could have been

But it's hard to stay grounded
When you keep losing ground
and the ground keeps on changing
it keeps rearranging

I wish that I wasn't so sad
Or could make myself not feel so bad
Who knows what I could do 
if I didn't sit home and stew
Maybe nothing would change and I'd still feel better too